Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is indicated for physical performance enhancement and body detoxification. Medazur Med Spa practices the most modern methods of ozone therapy used in medical spa centers in Germany. The effectiveness of the German school of ozone therapy has been proven by numerous scientific studies. 
Its peculiarity consists in combining the method of ozone therapy with naturopathic medicine that complement and enhance the effects of each other, having a complex impact on the body.
Benefits of ozone therapy at Medazur Med Spa:

  • Certified doctors trained in Baden-Baden, Germany
  • High-quality German equipment of the latest generation
  • Unique German programs:
    • body detoxification for urban residents, patients suffering from renal diseases or from chronic intoxication (alcohol, smoking, medication); 
    • improvement of physical performance, activity, memory, and concentration. 
  • It holds the 1st place in the Med Spa rating for both, its effect on the immune system and as a detoxification program.

Ozone therapy is characterized by good tolerability and almost complete absence of side effects. Improvement is already seen after several sessions!
Ozone therapy is a method that has no contraindications and gives a tangible result!



Major Autohemotherapy
60 minutes
50 c.u.
Minor Autohemotherapy
30 minutes
25 c.u.
Payment in Moldovan lei. 1 c.u. - 22 MDL