Rejuvenating facial massage Icoone

The innovative Icoone technology allows the treatment of the face, neck, and decolletage area, providing drainage, anti-aging, and rejuvenating effect. 
By stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, Icoone can restore the elasticity of tissues, smooth wrinkles, and give a new shine to the skin in a completely natural and painless way.
The face, neck and bust become toned and tightened with the help of micro-massage, which oxygenates, rejuvenates, and refines the tissues. 
The micro-massage is executed with special nozzles equipped with micro-stimulators, which, like thousands of miniature hands, massage the skin, performing up to 21,600 micro-stimulations per minute with numerous positive effects:

  • Lifting and rejuvenation
  • Restoring skin quality
  • A natural way of skin saturation with oxygen
  • Stimulation of collagen and elastin production
  • Skin metabolism improvement

In practice, all of these can be accomplished through non-surgical face and breast lift: 

  • the eyelids "open up"
  • the double chin disappears
  • lips acquire a natural volume
  • the skin of the decolletage becomes smoother and tighter
  • the skin on the neck is getting firmer
  • the breasts are re-sculpted and lifted.


  • Pronounced persistent anti-aging effect in a natural and painless way
  • The harmony of age and young skin!


iCOONE fată, gât, decolteu
30 minute
43 u.c.
iCOONE fața zona adaugata
10 minute
9 u.c.
Plata in lei moldoveni. 1 u.c. - 22 MDL
Lifting-masaj inovator al feței, gâtului și decolteului Icoone ⭐ Efect de rejuvenare pronunțat și persistent.