The urgency of the problem, the demand for specialists, the professionalism of training....

Based on this, MedazurMedSpa, on November 22, 2017, established MedazurAcademy - a training center with the issuance of state-recognised certificates.

MedazurAcademy has received state authorization from the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Education and Research in Moldova.

Training programs for Pedicure and Manicure specialists are approved and agreed upon by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova (and are rightfully considered the best).

Cadets receive a state diploma. We have someone and something to be proud of!

Dozens of cadets who have been trained by us successfully practice, have students and come to us for master classes, thematic round tables, seminars, congresses.

Medazur Academy founded the Society of Podiatrists of Moldova, held:


Practical seminar with international participation within the framework of Beauty Moldexpo "Podology in the pedicure room. Actual problems of the skin of the feet, nails and their solution. Home care and prevention of such problems as hyperkeratosis, hyperhidrosis, calluses, warts, cracks, ingrown nails and many others"


I Congress of Podiatrists with International Participation: "Podologia is a necessary reality and a step into the future!"


The clinical base of the State University

Medazur Med Spa is approved by the clinical base of the State University of Medicine and Pharmacology. N. Testemitanu, for the practice of doctors of aesthetic medicine of the Republic of Moldova.


II Congress of Podiatrists with International Participation: "The relationship of doctors and podologists in solving joint problems in diseases of the foot and nails".

They know about us - they consider us - they study with us and reach the heights of professionalism!

We are always open and available to our cadets and graduates.


BASIC COURSES. State certificate
Hardware manicure. Basic course.
Hardware pedicure. Basic course with the basics of podology.
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Hyperkeratosis. Corns. cracks
Work with a scalpel
Diabetic foot
Fungal diseases
Prosthetics of the nail plate
Biomechanics + taping
Ingrown nails (Orthonyxia)
Adhesive plates
Staples (3To and CombiPed)
Titanium thread
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Advantages Medazur Academy

Innovative - Affordable - Prompt

International training programs are conducted by leading specialists of Medazur Academy and experts with medical education from Ukraine, Russia, the Czech Republic, Romania.

Teaching always starts with the basics

An obligatory basis for training in Podology is the Training Course "Fundamentals of Medical Knowledge" on the anatomy and physiology of the skin and nail plate

Foundation of the foundations

Antiseptics and disinfection of instruments at the highest and most modern level

There is always a choice

The full course of training consists of several stages of theoretical and practical classes with step-by-step development of methods and techniques on models

Medazur Academy Q&A club online

Accompanying a dermatologist at all stages of training and in further practice

Priority of practical skills, logical thinking and acquired knowledge

Upon completion of training, the cadet has the skills to diagnose the skin, choose the method and technique of treatment, the correct selection of therapeutic and prophylactic agents.

Foundation of the training base

The most modern conditions of the training center, with practice based on the Medazur Med Spa center, advanced technical equipment of the rooms and the sterilization room. The cadet receives a full set of methodological photo and video materials

Right choice, right decision

Having completed training at MedazurAcademy, a specialist can correctly select the necessary professional and home skin care products.

100% service quality guarantee

Mastering a new specialty will allow Masters to expand their knowledge, see their specialty from a medical angle, improve their professional status, and clients feel comfortable, safe and confident in the hands of a professional

Medazur Med Spa is the official distributor on the territory of the Republic of Moldova and Transnistria:

  • German cosmetics, cutters and SUDA tools for pedicure and manicure;
  • German cosmetics Ionto for hardware cosmetic procedures;
  • Italian cosmetics Sunekos and Nutrakos for injection cosmetology;
  • Polish innovative cosmetics Podopharm & Podopharm Med for spa treatments, pedicures and manicures.
  • Ionto equipment for beauty, massage and pedicure rooms: cosmetic and pedicure chairs, massage couches, pedicure devices, devices for cosmetic procedures, chairs for specialists, a magnifying glass lamp and much more, in a word, everything to equip the turnkey office.

Learn from professionals - Be the best - You deserve it!

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