Photodynamic treatment of pain

Medical LED technologies - photodynamic therapy (PDT) - are successfully used for the treatment of degenerative-dystrophic and inflammatory disorders of the locomotor system: 

  • arthrosis
  • arthritis
  • intervertebral hernia
  • radiculopathy and neuropathy
  • epicondylitis
  • spondylosis and spondyloarthrosis, etc.

PDT ensures:

  • the relief of chronic pain syndrome
  • improved blood circulation
  • edema and inflammation removal
  • the increase in the motion range of affected joints

PDT main advantages:

  • quickly relieves pain and treats inflammation
  • has no harmful effects on healthy tissues and body's systems
  • suitable for the treatment of the elderly people and patients with advanced stages of associated diseases
  • does not cause complications
  • leaves no scars after treatment
  • does not require the use of anesthesia

How does the patient feel during the procedure and immediately after it?
Immediately after the procedure, 80% of patients remark the complete disappearance of pain, all the others - a noticeable decrease in its intensity. In addition, absolutely all patients report a significantly increased range of movement and a feeling of "lightness" immediately after the procedure. The edema of the affected joint disappears or substantially decreases 4-8 hours after the procedure.

PDT - pain management using photobiomodulation- infra Red LED:

  • technological innovation in vertebrology and rheumatology!
  • a modern and effective treatment for vertebral column and joints!

infra Red LED _ photobiomodulation for pain relief _ a cure of 6-8 procedures, 2-3 times a week.

Exclusively at Medazur Med Spa!

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