Professional skincare masks
Collagen mask 

Collagen mask successfully slows down the skin aging process (30+), effectively improves skin tone, reduces wrinkles and restores skin elasticity (40+). Collagen is especially useful for sensitive and dry skin that is prone to premature aging.

Collagen hydro-lifting mask: actively moisturizes the epidermis, improves skin microcirculation, activates metabolism, removes toxins, accelerates cellular regeneration, smoothes wrinkles and slows down age-related changes.

Collagen mask is recommended for those who choose exceptional facial care as it is the most effective mask among all anti-aging products. Especially recommended before an event, as well as after chemical peeling or sunbathing.

Intensive course – 4-6 procedures within 1 month.
Maintenance course – 1 procedure in 2-3 weeks.

Modelling mask

Solidifying modelling mask effectively lifts and tightens the skin, restores its elasticity and improves the oval of the face. Ideally nourishes and deeply moisturizes the skin. 
A distinctive feature of this mask is the tangible and long-lasting effect. 
Noticeably relieves the wrinkles, pallor and turgor of the skin. The skin looks younger and healthier. Tangible, visible effect after the first procedure!

Alginate masks are suitable for any skin type. They are useful and effective for normal, combination, dry, oily and aging skin. The masks consolidate the lifting effect of hardware or manual modelling facial massage

Eyelid mask

Refreshing patches around the eyes – the indispensable express care product for the delicate periorbital area, which instantly moisturizes and soothes the dermis, smoothes wrinkles, erases the signs of "tired" eyes, reduces puffiness, increases the drainage of excess fluid and strengthens the capillaries of the skin. It cools and refreshes pleasantly.

During a facial cosmetic procedure – 7c.u.


Hand skin mask

The gentle cream mask excellently protects and prevents age-related changes of your delicate hand skin. Special Care Line professional cream mask, rich in precious ingredients, relieves hands from dryness and tightness, neutralizing all kinds of inflammation and irritation, optimally nourishes, restores and protects the skin.

  • Dragoderm® - intensively stimulates the extracellular matrix of the dermis, improves the turgor, confers the skin a soft and velvety texture. 
  • Panthenol prevents any signs of irritation, redness or microcracks. 
  • Fucogel ® 1000 forms a protective film on the skin surface. 
  • Macadamia nut oil normalizes the hydro-lipid mantle of the skin, softens and improves its texture and elasticity. It prevents the appearance of aging signs and smoothes the skin texture. 

During a facial cosmetic procedure - 7 c.u.



Collagen mask
30 minutes
70 c.u.
Modelling mask
30 minutes
27 c.u.
Vegan modelling mask
30 minutes
37 c.u.
Payment in Moldovan lei. 1 c.u. - 22 MDL